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"When did you start tattooing, what was your background and which was the main reason behind the choice?"


It all began when I was 13 years old when I formed a love for tattoos. I started to go visit my father and step mother for the summers in Texas. They were both VERY heavily tattooed, I’d never seen that before. No one in my family had any tattoos so this became fascinating to me. I wanted to be just like them. When I was 16 I decided to go live in Texas with my dad. That’s when I told him how I really wanted to tattoo one day. I started to get into art. The man who did my dad’s tattoos was named Rikki Bailey and his shop Garage Art Studios. Rikki and my dad were very good friends and as a favor to my dad, Rikki agreed to apprentice me. I really don’t think neither one of them thought I would form a true passion for it. I officially started at 17 years old. I was finished with my apprenticeship in September 2011 and started my grand adventure as an professional tattoo artist.

"What are your passions?"


My passion includes the satisfaction that I’m growing and finding myself thru tattooing and art. It keeps me going with a feeling of purpose. Knowing everyday is a new day for learning thru others and exchanging what I know to help other artist.

Another passion is how I make others feel when giving them a tattoo or a piece of artwork. I feel like it is much deeper than just putting some pretty artwork on someone’s skin. It’s an experience that you present for your clients. It’s an experience of healing, some it’s to gain confidence and for some it’s just to mark a time in their lives. Just making people feel good in their skin is my biggest passion.


"Is it important for you to paint?"


 Painting is very important for me. This past year I would say is the first year I’ve been painting the most consistently. I think painting for me whether it’s watercolor or oil is more of a personal satisfaction as far as creativity. It allows me to express myself with what I’m feeling rather than getting an idea or reference from a customer. I would say is a raw emotion that I’m expressing with an image. When life doesn’t make sense the sensation of a paint brush does.


"Who or what influences you?"


I think my biggest influences right now is my family and coworkers and the artist at the art district. I have a great support group all the way around. I think it has helped me want to keep thriving and pushing to be the best version of myself. I just want to keep trying because the people around me are doing the same. Surrounding myself with like minded people who have goals and passions have influenced me the most.


“What do you enjoy doing when your not tattoo clients?"


A: I really enjoy oil painting. I’ve been heavily involved with the Arts factory downtown and working at the Imaginarium gallery to learn more about fine art and diving into more creative outlets. I would really love to be a successful fine artist one day and show my painting in many galleries around the world. But first just building a body of art. I also just really enjoy being a mom and spending time with my son and family whenever I can. Art and family is the most important things in my life.

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