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"When did you start tattooing, what was your background and which was the main reason behind the choice?"

Hi, I'm originally from Havana,Cuba.
I started my tattoo career in 2011 here in Las Vegas with plans of striving to become one of the best in the industry and to one day open Revolution Tattoo Parlor.

I always wanted to build a creative positive space for myself and fellow artists to execute high quality tattoos every day.


"What's your passions?"


Before tattooing I always had passion for art and creating, I worked on acrylic paintings and aerosol murals. 


Now that I tattoo I strongly believe it is important to do paintings because how else would I experiment and practice new tricks. 


My biggest passion is this tattoo shop and creating every day making my team proud and my customers happy with rad custom tattoos! If I don’t create I don’t exist. 

I enjoy doing lager scale tattoos, I feel that’s how tattoos look and flow best.

“tattoos you can see from ACROSS the room"!

When I want to visualize what the tattoo design will look like.  I rely on modern technology and digital design to mock up full color drawings for my customers. I love to be able to start the tattoo with confidence and my customers love being able to see what the design will look like on them before hand. 


I am always open to tattoo any style but my favorites are Japanese inspired, geometric black work, portraits,

and neotraditional.


Cant wait to start our journey together to create a master piece that lasts a lifetime!

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