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Where are we located?

We are only 10 min away from the strip located in Summerlin location.

7365 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117

(Summerlin area)

Click here for map/directions

With so many tattoo shops in Las Vegas, why should I choose to get tattooed at Revolution Tattoo?

Our award-winning tattoo artists go to great lengths to ensure that every client receives the best possible tattoo. We will not only listen to your ideas, but we will counsel you on the optimum size, placement, and design. Our friendly artists are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of tattoo design and application so you can trust that you are in good hands.

Do I need an appointment?

Due to extremely high demand, we are now finding it more and more difficult to accommodate walk-ins. We still have an artist available for walk-ins on some days, especially Friday-Sunday, but this changes from week to week. 

If you are curious about our walk-in availability, the best thing to do is give us a call the specific shop you want based on location we have 2 one in downtown Las Vegas the other in Summerlin area to get phone number please go to "CONTACT" thank you.  

If your interested in a tattoo, but don't know who you want to do it, we suggest coming in and speaking with our front desk staff about your ideas. They are very skilled at pointing you to the right artist with the availability to handle your request. 

Depending on which artist you would like to work with, you could be waiting anywhere from several days to couple months to begin your tattoo project. It's always best to speak with our front desk personnel to get a feeling for whether your project fits a particular tattooers styles and aesthetic

Depending on artist availability and the nature of your project, we will assist you in moving forward with a consultation appointment or putting you on your chosen artist's waiting list.

See you soon. 





What are your hours?

Monday-Sunday 11 am-9 pm (Sahara Location)

What forms of payment do you accept?


How much does a tattoo cost?

The cost of your tattoo depends on a number of factors including size, placement, skin type, and color vs. black and gray. For smaller tattoos, we will generally quote you a price up-front. For larger tattoos, your artist may opt to quote you an hourly rate.

Are tattoos safe?

We can’t speak for every tattoo shop, but here at Revolution Tattoo, your health and safety is our highest priority. In addition to providing new needles for every client, we also adhere to strict procedures to avoid cross-contamination. You can expect to see disposable ink holders, disposable razors, and barriers on everything that must be touched during the tattoo process. We work closely with Nevada Health Department to ensure that our methods comply with the most current guidelines.

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